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Dr. Babak Javanmard

Dr. Babak Javanmard

Dr. Mustafa Rezaei Taverani

Dr. Mustafa Rezaei Taverani

Dr. Seyed Mansour Raigani

Dr. Seyed Mansour Raigani

Dr. Ahmad Raees Al Sadat

Dr. Ahmad Raees Al Sadat

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International Congress of IADR (International Association for Dental Research)

Jan 19 2022

The third session of the General Assembly of the National Medical Laser Research Network of the country

Jan 31 2021

Holding a national model student festival in the winter of 2018

Dec 31 2019

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The increasing advances in utilization of laser in medicine have made it an important tool in controlling and treating patients. The high tendency of the patients in using non-aggressive treatment methods have resulted in attracting the attention of the researchers towards laser and its application in medicine, so that a lot of grants and studies have been allocated to finding new laser applications in various medical fields. The different potentials of laser have made it a powerful tool in many medical fields such as surgery, ophthalmology, rheumatology, muscular diseases, etc. All these have had profound impacts on economics of treatment. Considering the wide application of laser in medicine, and the high extent of using this new and developing technology there was a serious need felt in the establishment of active centers in discovering, and utilizing different laser applications in medical fields. In line with all these, the SBMU Research Center of Laser Usage in Medicine (RCLUM) was established in 2006 with collaboration of the academic staff, and researchers interested in the field. The goal in mind was to elevate the present knowledge about laser, and help the independence of our nation in utilizing laser application in medicine.

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